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Gastric band Surgery and what you can expect

Maybe  you have been thinking  about whether to have gastric bariatric surgery as way of helping you to achieve some of  your weight loss.  if this is the case then we recommend that you try to find out as much as you  can about it, before you choose a Medical Practitioner or Hospital to carry out this operation for you

if you Live in the The Republic of Ireland (Eire) then a good option is to consider taking a relatively short trip over to fellow EEC partner Country France, because it is quickly becoming known as a top destination choice for Irish residents searching for a cost saving on gastric band surgery.

For instance, in the Ireland, gastric band surgery will typically costs between 9,000 to 12,000. Yet by comparison, the self same surgery can conducted in Belgium for around  € 4,700. This is less than half of  the cost, for the exact same quality of service !

Why France is such a good choice for gastric band surgery:

  • Skilled, highly trained Doctors and Surgeons who have carried out many successful gastric band operations.

  • All gastric band surgeries in France are carried out using the latest equipment and methods for laparoscopy.

  • A much shorter stay in the hospital and far less chance of surgery complications and side effects.

  • France is one of the top countries for hospital hygiene according to the World Markets Research Center.

  • Many of the Surgeons are registered to practice in the Eire and the UK)

France is a smart choice for having a gastric band surgery done in if you live in Eire. Why would you want to pay more when you can have better care which also has a saving on cost.

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