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Body mass index is denoted as BMI in abbreviated terms. When men and women have higher body mass index value above normal they are generally refered to as being obese. When the body mass index value is above 40 ( over bodyweight for more than five years ) and all strict workouts and diet controls provides only a quick term result, the particular person goes for Gastric band surgery to reduce weight . It follows bariatric surgical procedure. This medical technique is used for obese patients.

How is it performed ?
In this technique a prosthetic device which is made of silicon is introduced into the Gastrointestinal tract. This band like structure is adjustable. soon after inserting the band, it is placed close to the upper part of the stomach area and stitched. By performing this the stomach is divided into two pouches.One is relatively more compact than the other. The more compact pouch is now used for digestive purpose so that the active digestive part of the stomach is reduced. As soon as the smaller pouch is filled with the food, he/she feels a state of fullness and so food intake is greatly reduced. This in turn reduces the food intake by the obese human being. The gastric band introduced is adjustable by filling and dispensing fluids into the pouch of the band. Initially the pouch is connected to a reservoir tube that lies under the skin. This is placed for the duration of the Colonoscopy process. Gastric band surgery ensure seventy to seventy five % of average excessive pounds loss.

Benefits of present process Gastric band surgery :
!. It is very simple. It requires very minimal time to undergo this surgery.
2. There needs no longer hospital stay.
3. The band can be removed in case of any illness or throughout the pregnancy period.
4. It is suitable for virtually all age groups and all kinds of body conditions.
5. The risk of malnutrition is low in Gastric Band surgery.

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