Gastric Band Surgery Problems

Gastric Band Surgery Problems

It is unusual for gastric band surgery clients to postoperatively experience any nutritional imbalances or non-absorption of nutrients. Gastric dumping syndrome problems also very rarely happen with gastric banding operations because no intestines are taken away or re-routed.

Weight increase is possible with ANY weight loss procedures including the quite radical operations that in the first instance result in rapid weight loss. World Health Organisation recommendation for monthly weight loss is ½ to 1 kilograms per week and lap band patients can often lose this, however, this is not guaranteed, and varies with the person, their personal circumstances, their personal motivation and their personal mobility.

A sometimes reported occurrence for banded patients is a regurgitation of non-acidic swallowed food from the upper pouch. This is commonly known as Productive Burping. If the lap Patient experiences this often, then they should consider eating less, eating much slower and masticating their food much more thoroughly. If however, this does not halt the problem then medical advice should be obtained from your surgeon.

The narrow passage into the larger lower section of the stomach may become obstructed by a large portion of un-chewed or unsuitable food. If this occurs often then further adjustments to your diet may be recommended, and your doctor. or diet consultant should be consulted.

Ulceration Gastritis Erosion – the band can on very rare occasions wear and aggravate a small area on the outside of the stomach which can then, in extreme cases, lead to migration of the band to the inside the stomach. This, however, is a very rare occurrence and usually warning signs are discovered far in advance this ever happening.

By Geoff Lord

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