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The Bariatric Banding is a prosthetic device which is made of silicon and is inserted into the Gastrointestinal tract. The Gastric Banding like structure is adjustable. right after inserting the band. it is placed around the upper area of the stomach region and secured in position to reduce the risk of movement. By carrying out this the stomach is divided into two pouches. Continue reading

Body mass index is denoted as BMI for short. When people have higher BMI value above the norm they are declared obese. When the body mass index value is above 40 ( over excess weight for more than five years ) and all strict exercises and diet controls provides only a brief term result, the human being goes for Gastric band surgery to reduce bodyweight . It follows bariatric operative procedure. This medical technique is used for obese patients. Continue reading

Gastric Band Surgery Problems It is unusual for gastric band surgery clients to postoperatively experience any nutritional imbalances or non-absorption of nutrients. Gastric dumping syndrome problems also very rarely happen with gastric banding operations because no intestines are taken away … Continue reading

Keep Up to date with all of the latest news and views on gastric band surgery and cosmetic surgery from many sources on the internet viewable all in the one place. Continue reading