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Gastric Band Weight Loss the Most Reliable Method

Gastric Band Surgery By Bariatric Hospital Ltd cost less at our Specialist Obesity Clinics in Belgium. Our Gastric Band Surgeons are registered on the UK Specialist Register of Surgeons with the General Medical Council.



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In general terms Gastric band surgery is the safest and most reliable form of weight loss surgery for Obese or extremely obese people and is the surgery of choice in most cases because of its simplicity and reliability record.

Following surgery it’s usually expected that there will be early weight loss. However what many people do not realise is that a slight weight gain is quite possible shortly afterwards as the body adjusts to the new situation. World Health Organisation recommend that for most people who have had a gastric band procedure that a monthly weight loss of ½ to 1 kilograms per week. Lap band patients do generally reach this target, however this cannot be guaranteed, and will most certainly depend on very much on the person, their personal lifestyle, their motivational attitude towards losing the target weight loss, and their personal mobility and willingness to undertake the required exercise regime which will have been recommended to them by their Surgeon or dietician following surgery.


In general It is not normally usual for gastric lap band bariatric surgery patients to suffer post operatively from any nutritional imbalance or non-absorption of nutrients. Nor is it considered normal for them to suffer from Gastric dumping syndrome issues because with gastric banding procedures there have not been any intestines taken away or by-passed during the operation.
One of the most often reported post operative problems for gastric band patients is the occurrence of regurgitation of non-acidic food from the upper pouch which was formed when the lap band as fitted around the upper area of the stomach. This problem is known as Productive Burping. If this becomes a major problem for the patient and he starts to experience this more often, then the consultant surgeon will more than likely recommend the patient initially to consider consuming less at each session, eating much slower and masticating (chewing) their food much more thoroughly. If however this does not halt the situation then further medical advice and assistance should be sought from your practitioner. It could be that the band has been tightened too much and a re-adjustment need to alleviate the problem.
Another common problem is when the narrow passage into the larger, lower area of the stomach can become partially blocked by an over-large piece of un-chewed or indigestible food substance. If this situation does occurs often then adjustments to your diet must be considered, and your surgeon. or dietician should be consulted so that the required adjustments can be made.
Ulceration Gastritis Erosion is a condition where the lap band can on very rare occasions wear and aggravate a small area on the outer wall of the stomach. In extreme cases, this lead abrasion can lead to eventual migration of the band to the inside the stomach. This however is an extremely rare occurrence and there are usually many early warning signs noticeable far in advance this ever occurring

The Article was writen by Geoff Lord who has written many articles on this subject as a part of his work as marketing director for a group of surgeons who specialize in this type of surgery. You can visit their extensive website her where you will find a vast amount of information and advice on this and related subjects.

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